Selected Options & Critical Measures

Following a careful analysis of your business you should now be in a position to make a list of logical options open to you.

Once the options have been identified, you should be in a position to list a number of critical measures that need to be implemented in line with the options you have selected.

Now that you have carried out a systematic analysis of your project, you should be in a position to look at your options in a more formal manner. Consider your options very carefully and seek advice in order to be in a position to draw up a list of critical measures you need to implement in order to launch your project. These measures should also indicate what kind of assistance (technical and financial) you require to get started. As a result of the analysis carried out in the preceding sections make a list of the critical measures you need to carry out, such as:

  • Look into energy savings efficiencies on machinery
  • Apply for ISO certification
  • Invest in training for management
  • Invest in training for employees
  • Employ new staff
  • Carry out market research
  • Invest in Information Technology Systems
  • Seek new premises
  • Seek foreign partners
  • Look for new market segments
  • Others​
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