Managing Staff

Managing staff effectively is one of the hardest aspects of business to master. Normally, businesses start with one person, usually the business owner and gradually increase employees slowly, according to the growth rate of the business.

At first employees tend to be ‘jacks of all trades’ as the workload is shared between everyone according to requirements. Changes need to be made when the employee count goes above 10 persons. A management structure with more formal systems needs to be put in place. Employees will want job reviews, others require training, there is more space for disputes, leave would need to be fairly monitored, and customers still want to talk directly to ‘the boss’ as usual. The key to success is a well-trained, motivated and productive team working together to achieve your objectives.

Be wise in your recruitment decisions to start with. Get other business owners’ opinions about their practices, seek help from employer groups and employment agencies who can share experience with you and when possible try to do personal research on applicants prior to recruitment. The last thing you want is to waste valuable time sorting problems with staff that could have been prevented.
Collective Agreements are negotiated between trade unions (employee representatives) and employers. Recognition of Trade Union Regulations can be found here.
Last updated Jan 2023
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