Our History

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Business 1st wins Quality Label

The award bestowed unto B1st establishes the work done as being the best amongst all Quality Mark holders. The team at Business First have once again been recognised for the quality and efficient service rendered to our clients and have now become the government entity which has been recognised for their performance most times since the establishment of such awards in 2019.  More information on the Quality Awards can be accessed from here.


Business 1st celebrates 5 years

Over 378,000 clients assisted in 5 years including over 13,000 start-ups, changing from a monthly average of 800 clients to over 9,200 clients.

2022 - 5yrs anniversary
Business First


Business 1st wins Quality Service award

In 2019, the Public Service launched the Quality Service awards.  Business 1st was among the first to win this award and is proud to be still holding it to this day.  With the achievement of the Quality Award, Business 1st is committing to ensure ongoing monitoring of the standards with the aim of retaining the Quality Award. More information on the Quality Awards can be accessed from here.


Business 1st Ltd set up

In 2017, Malta Enterprise decided to restructure Business First and set it up as a one stop shop for business.  Business 1st Ltd was set up and is run by Malta Enterprise as a joint venture with the Chamber of SMEs to ensure constant focus on the needs of business.  It is also part of servizz.gov to ensure quality service is delivered at all times.

Business First Reception
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Business First was launched

Business First was originally launched in 2011 within Malta Enterprise with the intention to bring essential services from various government departments and entities under one roof. Although Business First was intended to assist all enterprises based in Malta, it focused mainly on offering support on schemes.

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