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Government's commitment to facilitate business activities in Malta has concretely been actioned through the removal of trade licences for a number of business activities. The activities that do not require a trading license are listed in Part I of the First Schedule of the Trading Licences Regulations.

 Such activities shall still remain subject to the relevant obligations under the Trading Licencing Act and regulations  made  thereunder  as  well  as  any obligations,  authorisations,  approvals  and  clearances from the Commissioner of Police or other entities as may  be  prescribed  and  applicable  by  other  relevant legislation in force at the time.

 The Regulation also lists activities that do require a trading license and these are listed in Part II of the First Schedule of the Trading Licences Regulations.

Further information about Trade Licences may be obtained from the Trade Licensing Unit within the Trade-related Services and Projects Directorate at the Commerce Department.

Go to the main menu “Licences and Permits” for a full list of licences required to operate a specific business activity.  You may either search by category or by going through the alphabetical list.

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