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Calling All Startups

Undoubtedly start-ups, small businesses, and students need as much help as possible to get their innovative ideas off the ground.

Given the challenging conditions that most businesses face, investing in consultancy or high-end expertise is an expense that not everyone can afford.

Consequently, in late 2020, issued an expression of interest calling for local companies wishing to provide a predetermined number of hours in pro-bono consultancy services to local tech start-ups and students in various key areas.

The main purpose of this ongoing initiative is to assist said start-ups and students that have an innovative concept but don’t have the knowledge or the experience to move their concept forward.

To date, this ongoing initiative has attracted over 35 renowned companies. These partners are responsible in offering their expertise in various areas, ranging from concept validation to consultancy on emerging technology, market assessment, internationalization, digital marketing and digital transformation to tech related start-ups and students.

This initiative is ultimately providing local tech start-ups and students with a unique opportunity to get pro-bono, unbiased feedback from an external perspective, management advice, strategic planning and marketing tactics from industry leaders.

Upon launching the initiative in early 2021, the initiative was quick to attract strong interest from start-ups with many beneficiaries availing themselves of this unique opportunity. One start-up that benefitted from this initiative stated that;

“Thanks to, we connected with industry leaders and validated our business idea. Throughout these meetings, we received insightful feedback on what can be improved and how to grow our start-up into a bigger, successful business.

This is a great opportunity for all those who are seeking to understand the potential of their business and take it to the next level. Thank you”

Andrea Mangion, Pragmatest

If you are a start-up or student, wishing to benefit from this initiative more information can be obtained via

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