Operations Sub-Plan

This section helps you to look at your internal operations in detail to see if your business can be run efficiently and effectively. It draws attention to your team and allows you to develop strategies for good and effective management.

  • Do you already have business premises or are you planning to buy/lease/rent them in the near future?
  • Give details of your business location and premises
  • How long and how well will the present premises (if any) meet your business needs?
  • Are the business premises you have identified easily accessible to your clients?
  • Give details of equipment/machinery/vehicles you will require to operate your business (such as purpose, current value and future replacement date)
  • Give details of equipment/other items which you plan to acquire or lease in the near future (such as purpose, costs and credit terms)
  • Make up a list of your main suppliers and their credit terms
  • Plan on contingency suppliers in case of emergencies
  • Do you intend to operate a quality management system of any sort? Are you planning to apply for quality certification?
    1. What type of quality system?
    2. Who will take charge of implementing it?
    3. What are the timings for its introduction?​
  • Ensure you are conformant with Health and Safety and/or Environmental regulations relevant to your business
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