Executive Summary

This section is a brief overview of the whole Business Plan.

  • Description of Business: Provide some information about the product or service you wish to offer.
  • The Market: What markets do you intend to target?
  • Growth Potential: What is the potential for your business? (What do you hope to achieve in one to three years’ time?)
  • Sales & Profit Forecast: Give a summary of the sales and profit forecast figures (for the next three years).
  • Financial Requirements: How much money would you requirements
      1. To start the business.
      2. ​To sustain your business during the first three years.​
  • Utilisation of Finances: What will the loan/overdraft/investment be used for?
  • Where will you source your funding from: Loan, Bank Overdraft, Personal funds?
  • Repayment of Loans: How long do you expect the loan repayment period to be?
  • List of Critical Issues for the Success of the Project: Present a list of the critical success factors most likely to affect your project.
  • Assistance required: What assistance would you require to help you launch your project?



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