What is Business 1st?

Business 1st is a one stop business centre offering a number of services aimed at facilitating the establishment of local businesses while als providing the necessary information and support for business growth and expansion.

Our services are available on other channels other than the website:

  • Entrepreneurs can visit our Customer care counters at our Business 1st centre located in Imrieħel and Xewkija Gozo;
  • We can be contacted via our Live Call centre on telephone 144 daily;
  • We can be contacted via our help desk
  • We can also be contacted via our mobile app.
  • Where is Business 1st Located?

    The main office of Business 1st is situated in Mrieħel; Ċentru Joseph Grech, Cobalt House 2nd Floor, Notabile Road, Mrieħel BKR3000, and in Gozo at GGX002Y, Zona Industrijali, Triq it-Tessuti, Xewkija XWK3000, GOZO.

    What are the opening hours?

    Business 1st's opening hours can be viewed here: Opening Hours

    Are there any other operational offices besides the main office?

    In addition to the main office, there is an office located in Xewkija Gozo.

    How can I contact Business 1st? Is it against a payment?

    One can phone 144 for information. The call is charged at standard telephony rates.

    What services will be provided?

    Business 1st will be providing a number of services related to business establishments in Malta. Such services cover the registration of a company or a self employed person, registration with the VAT and Commissioner for Revenue as may be applicable, registration for employment purposes, registration for the necessary licences, etc. Other services will also be provided. Please refer to the our services section for a complete list of services currently being provided.

    Can I apply for these services online?

    Yes, you can apply online for individual sevices using the e-form platform. You can refer to the Online Services list and also the Starting section of the site. Remember that for most services you need the e-ID. One can also refer to the Business 1st website for the required information, document requirements and to download a relative application.

    What documents should I bring with me?

    The documents required depend on the service one wants to apply for. It is therefore adviseable, that before coming to Business 1st, one refers to the website, or contacts us to check what documentation is required.

    I would like to open up a new business. Can I register my business & obtain all the necessary liceneces from Business 1st?

    Business 1st will provide the necessary assistance for one to set up his/her business. Business 1st will not process the applications received, but will help you to submit these to the relevant entities for processing.
    It is important to note that PA permits cannot be obtained from Business 1st. For this reason therefore, one should first seek to obtain the necessary information about the business envisaged from Business 1st, and then contact PA for the necessary permits (the applicant’s architect can help).

    Can I apply for incentives offered by other government entities?

    One cannot apply for all incentives offered by the various Government entities from Business 1st, but will be guided to where s/he can find the relevant information for such incentives.

    How long will it take for an application to be processed?

    Applications for the services offered by Business 1st will be processed by the different government entities generally within ten working days. However, each application is different from another and therefore processing time may be more or less than the period stipulated.

    From where can I collect the final documentation? Can this documentation be mailed?

    The requested service/licence will be sent by the entity directly to the applicant. However, there are entities that request the applicant to collect the service/licence directly from their offices. For this reason, one should first ask Business 1st.

    Can I effect payment through Business 1st?

    Business 1st will also NOT be receiving payments relating to:
    • Income tax
    • VAT
    • Licence renewals and other.

    If I have to receive any refunds (such as VAT, TAX, etc...) from government departments/entities should I come to Business 1st?

    Queries associated with refunds and collection of these such should be addressed directly to the government department/entity concerned.  We can help you find the relevant links or forms.

    Can I apply for a passport, identity card or other similar documents?

    Such services are not offered at Business 1st because one has to apply for these services in person at the government departments/entities concerned.

    I need factory space from where I can operate my new business. Can Business 1st provide this information?

    Business 1st representatives can explain in detail how to apply for the applicant’s request.

    Why should I come to business 1st to apply for the services it offers when I can go to the government department/entity concerned & apply for these directly?

    Business 1st will offer the necessary assistance, support and information for the setting up of a business in Malta together with the possibility to apply for a number of services under one roof. Business 1st will also provide the relevant information pertaining to the schemes and incentives offered by Malta Enterprise. Overall, therefore, Business 1st will enhance customer value.

    Government is committed to providing services with less bureaucracy. How will Business 1st carry out this commitment? Will fees and forms be reduced?

    Fees still need to be paid and application forms compiled. However at Business 1st, an applicant will submit one or more applications for a wide range of offered services at one location. Business 1st will in turn submit these on the applicant’s behalf to the government department/entity concerned. Furthermore, Business 1st guarantees that the application/s submitted will be processed within a stipulated timeframe. The applicant will therefore not need to waste time going round the respective government departments/entities. The business owner also has the assurance that what was applied for will be provided within a given timeframe.

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