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​There may be other factors under the VAT regulations that have direct bearing on you as an individual or on your business. It is therefore advisable to consult the VAT Office on your specific circumstances and on how you should register yourself or your Company / Partnership. Specific answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) as well as further details on VAT matters can be found on the VAT Department website.

The Accountancy Board of the Ministry of Finance offers online consultation, tax compliancy kits, exchange data and other information on its website.

The Commissioner for Revenue offers information on the legislation that supports the country's tax laws and sets out the hierarchy of the department. Services include a tax return calculator, information on social security contributions and tax rates.

The CFR Services online accessed via the E-SERVICES tab offers a host of internet applications to help taxpayers and their accountants file returns, pay their tax and social security contributions and submit other revenue forms over the internet. There are sections for corporate taxpayers and for those who employ over 30 employees and who are therefore required to submit FSS (Final Settlement System) records.

Irrespective if you are a Maltese National or a foreigner, if you work in Malta you are obliged to pay the social contributions. This is not a service but an obligation.​

The withholding of social security contributions from the employee's wage can be performed by the employer and reported online through the Commissioner for Revenue online services.  Once the employer, declares the social contributions by means of a file upload from their payroll system, which usually takes (5) five minutes to complete, an acknowledgement email is sent to the employer.  Upon submission, the data is processed automatically by the backend system and hence, no further intervention is required. In addition, on declaration of the social contributions, the employer receives an immediate summary of the account.  To make use of the Social Security Contributions calculator, click here.



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last updated Jan 2023

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