Mobile Food Kiosk

All food premises are required by law to be registered with the Food Safety Commission so that, from time to time, they may be inspected for their compliance.

Additionally, since mobile food kiosks are not in a specific place 24/7, they would need to apply for the Permit of a Hawker from the Commerce Department.

  • In the case of a street hawker please click here 
  • In the case of a market hawker, please click here .

In the case that an operator wishes to use public land (such as pavement)  to place tables and chairs a permit from the Lands Authority is also required.  More information can be found through this link.


Food Safety Act


More information can be found here.


Food Premises need to be registered in terms of the Food Safety Act here.

Competent Authority

Food Safety Commission





last updated January 2023

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