Local Council Permit Guidelines

The following activities require a permit from the respective Local Council

  •  Application for commercial activityor open-air market.
  • Application for kiddie ride machine or automatic vending machine.
  • Application for deposit of building and other material.
  • Application for deposit or use of crane or other machinery.
  • Application for deposit of tables and chairs to provide food and beverages.
  • Application for stall or kiosk.
  • Application for apublic show, exhibition, small games, a fair, a tombola or any other public entertainment.
  • Application for trenching and related works.


Activities Requiring Permit By Local Councils Regulations Subsidiary Legislation 441.04

Trenching Works Requiring Permit by Local Councils Regulations Subsidiary Legislation 441.05



More information can be found here.


Applications for permits can be found here.

Competent Authority

To contact the respective Local Council you may wish to visit this link.







last updated May 2023

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