Dealers in Precious metals, stones or jewels

Government's commitment to facilitate business activities in Malta has concretely been actioned through the removal of trade licences for a number of business activities. This has been enabled through the Legal Notice (L.N.) 40 of 2016 which has come into effect on 1st January 2017. The L.N. defines the activities that do not require a trading license as well as those that still do require a trading licence as approved by the Commerce Department.

A licence is required to carry out the business of a dealer in precious metals and stones.


Trading Licences Regulations




For more information on the licence to operate as a dealer in precious metals and stones and for information about what the operations of dealers in precious metals and stones are considered to include, click here


The application for an application to operate as a dealer in precious metals and stones can be found here.

Competent Authority

Commerce Department


last updated December 2022

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