ESG Grant

Grant scheme to facilitate the review of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Practices

The Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) framework provides measurable goals and processes for tracking, managing and reporting on a company's impact on the environment and on different stakeholders, as well as its approach to governance. The ESG Grant was developed to assist businesses in reporting and assessing their ESG impact.

SMEs are encouraged to carry out an ESG review to help them identify and measure ESG parameters within their business. Through this scheme, SMEs are supported through a grant of up to €5,000 to engage the service of an approved ESG advisor to help them in carrying out an assessment of the company’s ESG performance.

Malta Enterprise will be accepting applications until 31st October 2023.  All applications are to be submitted through the Corporations Client Portal. First time users will be required to create an account and register their business. 

For more information and to apply click here.

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